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Electrical Questions & Answers

Q1 Should the wire be copper or Aluminum?
A1 All wiring shall be copper.

Q2 There is no ground wire shown in the conduit for the street light branch circuits.
A2 Provide #8 grounding conductors for each lighting branch circuit.

Q3 The 4 â?? 1P breakers for the lighting circuits should be 2 â?? 2P. (as per the NEC)
A3 Provide two 2 Pole breakers in service cabinet for lighting circuits.

Q4 Why run the service around the building to the pole in the alley near the highway?
A4 The pole in the alley that City Hall is fed from is much closer. From our discussions with Xcel, it was my understanding that we could not pull from the one in the alley. Additionally, the City has potential plans for an expansion to the fire hall and the line would need to be relocated at that time.

Q5 There is a note on sheet 47 showing â??equipment pad B near the power pole, shouldnâ??t it be at the service location? A5 Provide equipment pad at service cabinet not at power pole.

Q6 The MNDOT standard plate for equipment pad B, on sheet 49 should be modified to show the right size conduits as well as the ½â? conduits for the irrigation controllers. The ½â? conduits are noted as incidental to the irrigation system. It may make more sense to make them incidental to the street light system.
A6 Provide conduits as called on sheet 47. Contractor shall provide conduit and wiring to irrigation system and make final connects to system.

Q7 Sheet 49 has the MNDOT standard plates for concrete E-bases, but page 6-SL appears to specify steel E-bases. They both call for 1â? bolts. The light poles call for ¾â? bolts. It would be no problem to use the ¾â? bolts in the concrete bases, but the steel bases would be a special order. If steel bases are used are ground rods at the bases necessary?
A7 Provide concrete bases with 1â? bolts and ground rods. Do not use steel bases.

Q8 There are no festoon outlets shown, does the city intend to do any lighted Christmas decorations in the future. While walking the site I did notice an extension cord run across the sidewalk from City Hall to Christmas lights on the bell.
A8 Yes, we need to add this provision for receptacles on each light. We can work with the City on any other improvements they want after the bid.

Q9 I do not see any fuses at the street light bases. If needed please spec break-away or non break-away and one per pole or one per fixture.
A9 Fuse holders shall be of the breakaway type. Provide one per pole.

Q10 2-SL calls for maintaining the existing lighting. Is there anything to maintain?
A10 They just need to make sure that there is lighting provided at all times whether it is the existing, temporary, or the final condition. There are a few Xcel poles there now.