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Bidders Questions & Answers Part 2

Q1: The Bituminous Mixture Tabulation on sheet 2 of the plans shows a SPWEB240B mixture on CSAH 26, a SPWEB240E in the parking lot and a SPWEB440E in TH 60. Additionally the details on sheet 15 and S-46 of the Special Provisions show all the mixture as a SPWEB240B.
A1: The Bituminous Mixture Tabulation is incorrect, the mixtures to be used are as detailed in the Special provisions, the and the Statement of Estimated Quantities, and Schedule of Unit Prices

Q2: The Bid Form shows the mixture as a SP 12.5 level 2 mixture with C oil.
A2: The Schedule of Unit Prices in the Proposal and Statement of Estimated Quantities on page 2 both refer to the use of SP 12.5 Wear & Non-Wear (2,C)

Q3:Please clarify the requirements.
A3: See #2 Above

Q4: Is there any information available as to thickness of the in place pavement section, aggregates and asphalt ?
A4: We do not have record of the inplace typical section, we will send staff to collect pavement cylinder samples and post the results on the Egram website.

Q5: Is there any information available that shows soil types on the Project.
A5: No Soil Borings were taken for this project an available online resource is

Q6: Please confirm that S-46.2 writes out the requirement for the ALR and IP evaluation but remains subject to evaluation with a 10ft straightedge.
A6: Correct, the 10 ft. straight edge specification remains in effect.

Q7:Item 6 of S-5 of the Special Provisions talks about a MnDot Bid Bond Form as a requirement in the Proposal submittal. Is there a specific form required or is a document that is typically supplied by our Surety acceptable
A7: A valid 5% bid bond will suffice

Q8: Additional Information on the Concrete Valley Gutter noted on Plan Sheets 31 & 32?
A8: The Concrete Valley Gutter will be constructed and paid under Item 2531.507 - 8" Concrete Driveway Pavement (Heavy Duty).