Blue Earth County

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Bidder Questions & Answers

Q1: A few details show fabric under riprap, but your intent is no fabric just the 1â?? of sand?
A1: Geotextile fabric will not be allowed under the riprap, we require the Contractor place granular filter aggregate per MNDOT 3601.

Q2: Structure Ex is shown on B1 as a â??hashedâ? out area that follows both slopes down and thru the bottom of the channel, is this the only structure ex? I just want to make sure there will not be any structure ex. from abutments back at a 20:1 away from the bridge and backfilled with sand.
A2: The abutments are to be backfilled with select grading materials from Common Excavation or Common Borrow.

Q3: Is it planned to redo the entire channel bottom and slopes between the riprap extent limits as shown on B1?
A3: Yes