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Answers to Bidders Questions

Q1: If the Contractor elects to recycle the aggegrate base and/or pavement into a Class 7 aggregate base, can the class 7 be placed in the bottom 10" of the aggregate shoulder in lieu of the salvaged aggregate as shown on detail B on plan sheet no. 4?

A1: Yes

Q2: Can the Contractor re-use the two salvaged headwalls detailed on plan sheet no. 8 or does the County want to take posession?

A2: If the headwalls are salvaged without damage they can be re-used.

Q3: The remove road tile subtotal on plan sheet no. 8 appears to be incorrect.

A3: We will issue an addendum to address this discrepancy. Addendums will be posted to the Blue Earth County Egram website.

Q4: What is the differentiation between area's receiving 12" topsoil and areas receiving 6" topsoil.

A4: Areas to be used for agricultural puprposes are to receive 12" topsoil, subsoiling and type 1 mulch.