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Q: How long will the surcharges be left in place? What is the quantity of surcharge removal down to future grade? Where are the quantities and typical section for the future roadway over the surcharges?

A: This plan only includes the placement of the surcharges and construction of the temporary road over the surcharges. Geotechnical analysis estimates a surcharge period of approximately 9-12 months, so they would remain in place for the winter with removal in 2019. The surcharge removals to future design grade will be included under a separate contract that is planned for construction starting in 2019.

Q: Does the common excavation quantity include the stripping of topsoil in fill areas and the undercutting for topsoil placement in cut areas?

A: Yes, the common excavation quantity includes topsoil stripping in both fill and cut areas.

Q: How many acres of seeding are there for all areas except the RSS slopes?

A: The seed application rates are listed in the Construction/Soil Notes on sheet 6. These application rates can be applied to the seed quantities to obtain approximate acreages for each seed type. The RSS quantities that are tabulated separately on sheets W2 & W3 can be used to determine the split between RSS and non-RSS areas.